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Bar and grill
Moscow, 18 Tverskaya street, building 1

Meat, burgers, #FARSH: a joint project of Novikov Group and Miratorg holding. If the word "Burger" brings to mind a certain image forget about it! You immediately need to visit #FARSH! Here they return burgers to their original appearance and taste, and to us – faith in goodness.

And if you have long wanted to sink your teeth into a lush, soft and juicy Burger created according to all the rules – here you are! Especially because it is really #FARSH: the concept of Arkady Novikov, the quality of Miratorg, the cuisine of brand chef Kamel Benmamar and the most striking and fashionable design. What else does it take to be happy?

#Farsh burgers are based on delicious black Angus marbled beef and the freshest chicken from Miratorg. Agro-industrial holding has launched a separate meat processing line specifically for #FARSH — no one else has such minced meat!