Avocado Queen Novosibirsk

Comfort healthy food
Novosibirsk, Krasniy Prospekt 25

Avocado Queen is the long-awaited monoconceptual project of Arkady Novikov, Anton Pinsky and brand chef Glen Ballis with the most original restaurant concept Healthy comfort food, where the ball is ruled by His Majesty Avocado. It takes place in the heart of Novosibirsk next to Pervomaysky square.

This is a stylish two-level space in bright colors with precise color accents and original lighting, thoughtful and interesting zoning, with an open kitchen, sushi bar and contact bar.

Avocado Queen Novosibirsk is a restaurant where avocado is prepared for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, intriguing guests with interesting variations of poke, bowls and chirashi, combining avocado with seafood, fish and vegetables, and even using superfood in desserts.