Arkady Novikov and Anton Pinskiy’s new restaurant has farm products on the menu, there are adult’s parties on Fridays and children‘s animation on weekends. A huge six-meter-high valenok (felt boot) is the "Russian size" art object made by the modern artist Valery Loshak. It has already gained the popularity on Instagram and folk love before the opening of the restaurant. The giant is the largest in the world, hand-rolled valenok (felt boot) according to the author’s idea should symbolize Russia with its wide soul and boundless expanses. The new restaurant also amazes with almost boundless expanses, there are eight-meter ceilings, a space atrium and windows in two floors, it is seating over 340 people inside and an outdoor patio is being equipped with umbrellas and tables seating four hundred guests in summer. The head of the kitchen is Chef Sergei Vekshin whose professional experience is more than 20 years. He has been working 10 of them at the restaurant "Mario" and then he became a chef at the restaurants of Arkadiy Novikov GQ group and Tatler Club. Sergey is equally well versed in different culinary directions, he highly appreciates the taste and the quality of any ingredient, believes that all products have their time of the best taste; this is the time when they should be cooked to give a full taste. In 2007, the chef won the Moscow Championship of Italian Cuisine held within the framework of the V International Culinary Salon "World of Restaurant", and was given an opportunity to study in Italy at the University of ALMA, the leading international school of Italian cuisine. Desserts are worth having attention too. Marina Voskova (Vogue Cafe) is the confectioner, so you can go to Valenok just to drink tea (there will soon be samovar tea-drinking) and half of the day you will be eating some brilliant cakes, pies and cakes. Her crispy straws with white cream and homemade “Myraveinik” (a funnel cake) repeat the taste of childhood, there are legends about her Napoleon with the custard, and a light, almost weightless pie with strawberries disappears from the plates in no time. On Fridays and Saturdays Valenok gives an opportunity towards club life, there are parties, live music, concerts of young bands and other loud fun. Young guests are entertained as much as adults; there are children’s room, animation and organization of master classes. The near future plans are family brunches. By the way, the main advantage of the restaurant is prices. An average bill is 1200-1500 rubles.