Anton Pinskiy and Arkady Novilov’s new restaurant “Syrovarnya” seating 240 people is located in Kovenskiy Lane 5, St. Petersburg. It has similar conception and cuisine as two Moscow restaurants. There are the own cheese production with the opportunity to oversee the cheese makers; the main workshop is located opposite the "chief's desk", there will be arranged tastings and master classes. “Syrovarnya” in St. Petersburg is distinguished by its scale and several things on the menu which were specially invented by Sergey Nosov for a new project (shin of turkey, cheeks of beef, cod, pike-perch, rassolnik, several kinds of pasta). According to the general conception the laconic menu consists of simple and reasonable dishes in a rustic style. For example, baked vegetables are served with mozzarella, arugula and tomatoes combine with strachatella, and tiramisu is made of ricotta. It is worth to taste branded focaccia or a pizza from a wood stove, and then you can take a burrata with baked pepper and Baku tomato or a paste with strachatella, as the main course you can order a duck with pumpkin puree, and a home berry pie or a delicious carrot cake for the dessert. Mozzarella, burrata, strachatella, caciotta, halloumi and ricotta made by the Italian technologies are available for tasting and shopping and can be used in all sections of the local menu. It is worth to pay attention to the seasonal "homemade teas": barberry-grapefruit, raspberry-ginger, pineapple-estragon, tea from dried fruits and others. Wine list includes 75 kinds of wine of 3 600 - 18 200 rubles per bottle basically French and Italian classics. The design of “Syrovarnya” was made by Sundukovy Sisters, they successfully combined the open kitchen with a modern art. The huge space, more than 1000m2, has become cozy and comfortable due to well thought out zoning of the premises, which are different in style and mood. Moreover, specially for the project Irina and Olga Sundukovy developed the author's design of furniture.