"Kolbasny Tseh" appeared between Kytuzovsky Avenue and Taras Shevchenko embankment in October 2017. It is a unique collaborative project by restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Anton Pinskiy and famous sausage-maker Andrey Kuspitsa. The head of the kitchen is Dmitry Yakovlev (White cafe, GQ Bar, Chipollino). He is Andrián Quetglas and Konstantin Ivlev's apprentice and he had an internship at the Spanish chef Martin Berasategui who has 7 Michelin stars. There is not only a large selection of premium and alternative steaks, but also dishes made of sausages which are author's and classic recipes from all around the world in the central part of the conception of the new steakhouse seating 170 people. French cassoulet and Portuguese feijoada are near to fried eggs with a doctor sausage made according to the standards of 1938. You can order only one of the dishes for a company and try all branded sausages. There are sausages, ham, other types of sausages and a variety of smoked foods in the shop at the restaurant. All of them are made in the workshop which can be seen from the restaurant hall. Products are prepared only from the best meat and spices. So, three kinds of pepper for choriso sausages were brought from the Spanish Extremadura, berries of myrtle for mortadella were brought from Sardinia and white and green peppers for smoked sausages were brought from Cambodia. A shoulder of marbled beef and excellent pork are for Viennese and Strasbourg sausages. Andrew Kuspits is an expert in craft sausages and the head of the workshop; he is also a co-owner of a small Moscow production of meat delicacies and the owner of the Renaissance francaise medal for promoting French gastronomic recipes in sausage business. Andrew appreciates only the best raw materials and time-tested recipes. "The quality of meat products of mass demand significantly got worse for over the last hundred years, since the First World War when it was necessary to feed people quickly and inexpensively. But we will show what sausage can and should be, "- says Andrew Kuspits. There are york ham, duck sausage with seeds, smoked on the smoke of cherry chips, Viennese sausages made of the recipe of 1938 and sausage made of the old recipe of the sausage from Bologna among the future hits. The assortment will be supplemented with a sharp chorizo, dry-cured duck breasts and mini-hamones from a duck after the appearance of the chamber for the ripening of dry-cured sausage. There are several kinds of homemade sausages such as Vienna, Strasbourg and duck sausages. The heart of the open kitchen is grilled sausages including munich, chorizo fresco, beef with honey which are cooked on a large American grill. You can choose a sauce for sausages, such as mustard, home barbecue, Chinese mayonnaise, Texan peppery, plum; or take a garnish: shukrut with bacon, lobio, perlotto with mascarpone cream, crispy cauliflower, zucchini with chili. The chef prepared an impressive selection of hot meat dishes for the guests. You can order a chuck roll with Mexican pepper, beef ribs in Korean spices, butcher steak with zucchini, scraped steak with Jamaican pepper, steak top blade, tri-type in Asian style, beef shoulder on the grill, and tails and cheeks. The beer is poured in the bar; there are both classical European varieties, and a worthy Russian craft. Of course, the excellent selection of wines will appreciate connoisseurs.