Crabber is a new restaurant of Arkady Novikov and Anton Pinskiy opened in early November in "Moscow City". The main idea is seafood for every day. There is a full variety of seafood from Magadan shrimps to Vietnamese crabs. The brand-chef is Kamel Benmara (Vanilla, Bolshoi and others) who is the brand-chef of the burger network #FARSH and the meat restaurant "Ryby Net" at the same time. The author's cuisine easily gets along with plain, simple food made by the best traditions and made of quality seafood. Grilled avocado with crab meat served on ice next to a crab roll on a brioche bun and French fries, a squid in sauce of squid ink with chili shrimps cooked with tomato and basil in the style of Spanish gastronomy. There are crabs in Crabber most of all, of course. There are several varieties such as Kamchatka crab, crab "prickly", "hairy" and "snowdrop". Bruschettes, dumplings, cutlets, potato pancakes are prepared with them. You can also order crab limbs with more than ten different sauces of own production. Except crab, there are mussels’ mariner in cream sauce, "fritto mysto", ragout from different seafood, Japanese, Crimean and Sakhalin oysters, sea urchins, Magadan and Chilim shrimps. There are a "cake" steak, a "dogfoot dog", caramelized veal ribs, a juicy hamburger with bacon and cheese and a crunchy farm chicken for people who prefer meat dishes even in a fish restaurant. There are Spanish churros, air donuts with custard and bonbon (balls from a custard batter in a sugar powder) with different sauces in the dessert card. There are a lot of wine in glasses, interesting varieties of beer, apple cider on the bar menu. The design is created by the team of the architectural office of Valery Lizunov Archpoint (Geraldine, Wine & Crab, Oxus and Selfie). Classic concrete and tobacco-coloured furniture are with light natural wood, maynecraft mosaic and red and blue crabber signs. The open kitchen fills the space with its energetic and indescribable atmosphere. The restaurant has its own convenient access from the embankment and parking.