Aeromenu is a new Arkady Novikov and Anton Pinsky’s onboard restaurant service. You can make an order in the mobile app or on the website Aeromenu for any flight departing from or arriving at the Sheremetyevo airport (E,D, F, B terminals). All of the chosen positions are delivered to your gate. The service is available on international and domestic flights, and the dishes are created with taking into account all the peculiarities of the perception of taste buds at high altitude. There are sandwiches, salads, desserts, a special children's offer and a special section for healthy food supporters How to Green. An order has to be made 90 minutes in advance a flight And we’ll deliver your order to the gate or to the arrival area of terminals E, D, F, B. Have a tasty flight with AEROMENU & HOW TO GREEN! How to Green is a guide which opens new sides of a healthy lifestyle. Two projects came together to create a balanced menu of dishes that you can take with you on board and which will appeal to all who adhere to a healthy diet. You can choose from 18 new positions, including: bowls with chickpeas, goat cheese and oven beets, with quinoa, avocados and edamame beans, hummus with avocados, wholegrain sandwich with salmon, tomatoes and coleslaw salad or tofu grilled vegetables and pesto sauce. Of corse there are some desserts too: almond tartlet with coconut cream and blueberries or strawberries, coconut panna cotta, chocolate mousse with mango sauce and berries and other healthy sweets. Meals can be ordered no later than 90 minutes before departure and you have to specify the number and date of the flight, and then the staff will deliver the food directly to the gate.